PumpMatic is the most advanced integrated station automation software of the World. PumpMatic and TankMatic systems integration. FuelMatic system integration. Loyalty systems integration. Accounting systems integration. POS/BOS integration

Fuel Sales Activities

All liquid fuel and LPG dispenser sales are saved in the system instantly online. All transactions are recorded in the electronic environment.

Support Automation Systems

Compatible with all peripheral units. They are integrated online with the systems such as Tank, Accounting, POS Devices, Information / Loyalty Management Devices, Electronic Payment Terminals, Cash Registers, UPS, Prices Panel, Car Wash, Fue Matic, etc.

Customer and Vehicle Management

FuelMatic Customers are recognized by the system. Customers or vehicle credit limits, time and zone restrictions, all usage limits are managed by the system Fleet Management reports are produced by the system with all details for Fleet Managers of the customers.

Loyalty Programs and International Card Systems

The oil companiesí special loyalty programs are managed in integration with the central automation systems. These systems send information to external systems conducting the scoring, discounting, loyalty programs. They are integrated with the fleet-management-oriented international card systems.

And also Shift Management, Price and Discount Management.