TankMatic is a multifunctional tank automation system operating between the tank automation systems and the PumpMatic. Through this software, regardless of which tank automation system is installed at the station, the administrators of both Oil Company and filling station can acquire reports and carry out their own processes.

TankMatic eliminates the difficulty of using different techniques and software to access the tank autmation systems remotely.

TankMatic software is fully online integrated with PumpMatic system and POS/BOS.

System reports wet stock inventory, fuel deliveries, leakage etc. All historical data is recorded as well. TankMatic software calibrates the tanks automatically after the installation, and also just in time with sales. This calibration process is more accurate than the physical besides saving money and time.

All the data is displayed on the main screen and real time.

     calibration process.

The fillings made are recorded electronically in both the actual temperature and as compensated by 15 C. The system provides the user with full information on the filling. These fillings are stored in the database, and retrieved for control when necessary.

Closing the Shifts and Reconciliation

The tank shifts and the pump shifts both get closed during the shift changes. Reconciliation of the fuel quantities in the tank and in the pump takes place in the same shift. Also the Pump-Tank reconciliation reports are ready by the end of the shift.


High and low temperature, or high water level, all unwanted sıtuations are detected to alert the administrator.

System records all the data and provides reports and analysis.

Leakage Tests

Potential leakages are detected and informed by the system automatically. The leakage detection can be performed through the checks made by the user by stopping the pumps, or automatic measurement carried out by the system itself when stationary.