The tanker truck automation system hardware is installed into the cabin of the tanker truck and user friendly. After the fuel delivery, the system prints out the slip from the slip printer. Thus, the user is given a document including information on the fuel delivery.

The information on the fuel delivery made through the tanker truck automation system and recorded into the system are transmitted to the tanker truck automation system via GPRS or direct cable connection. The user performs the reporting as he needs, through the software.

The field control unit used at stations are minimized and modified to be used on tanker trucks. The external factors such as vibration, voltage, and heat makes it impossible to use standard computers and systems on tanker truck automation system. RPS TankerMatic has a special control unit designed particularly for this purpose.

Before the installation of TankerMatic the necessary modifications on the mechanical system of the tanker truck should be done and electronic control valves should also be added. Then it is a control unit checking, detecting, alerting and reporting according to the requirements of the driver and any administrator, could be site manager or fleet manager. The detection is done by vehicle identification units and controlled by electronic valves and managed by the main control unit.